Getting the most from Facebook advertising

Your social media marketing can be broken down into two distinct categories – your organic endeavours and your paid endeavours. The goal of both tactics is of course first to get more likes, followers and engagement from these to go on to acquire actual conversions in terms of sales online of in a physical store.

Your organic efforts will mostly consist of professional design and engaging content creation. You will be showcasing your business, providing links to new products or exciting news on your website. Through these you will be hoping to expand your reach across the internet, build your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website – and it works.

So, since it’s working so well, why would you want to start buying your way to the top of social media feeds? Surely paying for social media success defeats the purpose, right? Well, yes and no. The problem is that, even though your organic efforts will serve you well, they will only ever take you so far and Facebook makes sure of it.

If you’ve been on Facebook for long enough then you will remember the days before the Facebook news feed algorithm changes. Up until this moment in social media marketing history, all of your followers saw all of your posts in their feeds. That’s just how it was. It was free, it was fair, it was easy.

However, since the creation of Facebook advertising, things have changed very much. Facebook no longer allow all of your followers to see all of your posts, now you need to pay for Facebook advertising to make sure that your posts get the same reach that they did previously. It’s been a cunning business move indeed, but one that only benefits Facebook. Everyone else has to deal with it.